Eraser 1996

Eraser 1996

Sam – Arnold came in right at the beginning as a ninja and killed a guy just by closing a refrigerator door.  I don’t really have to see any more of this movie to give it my highest review to date.  Take that, “A Lot Like Love”.

Tim – Vanessa Wlliams plays a comedian who is angry that Poptarts are more popular than Amanda Peet, so she turns someone over to the FBI and Arnold has to fight alligators in a zoo to save her. At one point Arnold fights a sheet, although that may have been a parachute. And someone has a gun that shoots aluminum cans at the speed of light.

Josh – Arnold has to stop the aliens from bringing Jedi-technology-guns to America. Tyra Banks tires to help him but pretty much gets in the way the whole time.  The only thing anyone REALLY needs to remember from this movie is, “You’re luggage.”

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “It says on the trivia that originally the alligator was supposed to be parachuting too.”

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