Out of Time

Out of Time 2003

Out of Time 2003

Sam – Thanks to Josh Emmons I couldn’t get it out of my head that this movie was supposed have some supernatural element even well after he corrected himself and said that he was thinking of another movie.  I kept looking for a scary wet Japanese girl to crawl out of something.  Never happened.  I just didn’t get this movie.  I mean I love Denzel,  (I wonder how many time‘s that statement has been written/said…?) but this movie had very little romance or comedy.  How’s someone suppsoed to connect to any of these charaters!?  Oh, and the statement I made during stands true; I do NOT appreciate it when movies use the “loading bar” on a computer as a suspense mechanism.   Give me good ol’ fashion “who’s around the corner?!” instead of that.

Tim – The true mystery to me behind this movie was “How have I never heard of this movie?” I mean, I pay attention to movies. And I pay attention to Denzel Washington, cuz he’s dreamy. But, somehow, there was some convoluted conspiracy to keep me from ever knowing that this film existed, until in the very end, all was revealed to me as it appeared, dramatically, on TBS.

Josh – Wow, it’s nice out today. I have to go, uh, “write”.

Josh (Emmons – Guest reviewer!) – This movie makes a compelling argument that, if budgetary constraints hadn’t forced police to stop stocking reams of 8×11, we would now be dealing with many fewer cases of departmental fraud.

Also, the reason the girl who burned up at the beginning is alive again at the end is obviously because Denzel jumped 4 days into the past to save her. I mean, look. It’s got “time” right there in the title!

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “I’d like to see the ending… but I’m OUT OF TIME!” (For real, I had to go get my bag from Jill. -Sam)

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