Three Men and a Little Lady

Three Men and a Little Lady 1990

Three Men and a Little Lady 1990

Sam – I was baby-mooned about 1 minute into this movie.  The beginning credits hadn’t even finished rolling.  I’d never seen this movie before only because there were zero reports of any phantom kids lurking the background of this sequel.  I was more of a Look Who’s Talking Too type guy when this came out.

But watching the pivotal moment of this movie I got really upset with the “mom” as she, on a whim, decided to get married, and move her and her daughter to England (the land that she once heard people “Talk like this.” [horrible British accent]) without even THINKING that our three dads would be the least bit upset.  Hogwash!

Tim – As the only one who was actually in the presence of this film the entire time it was playing (though I was drawing), I have to say, it was a perfect example of what I expect at 9 am from TBS. Inoffensive laughs, wacky mishaps. saccharin sweet moments, and Ted Danson dressed as, alternately, a Brazilian dancing girl, and a senile priest. Now, TBS, please, deliver upon these expectations. More GUTTENBERG.

Josh – Naturally when three dudes live together and one of them knocks a chick up, they ALL insist on being the dad.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “He has a big wiener!”

-“It can’t be as big as Steve Guttenberg’s!”

-“The Gutte can barely stand!”



  1. Poster captions:

    Girl: “I dwopped my ice kweam!”
    Gutte: “Oh well!”
    Tom: “Oh well!”
    Ted: “Do me.”

  2. Josh is correct. This movie is very accurate. As a single mother I often find that EVERYONE wants to be my baby daddy.

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