Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee 1986

Crocodile Dundee 1986

Sam – There was a VERY sessy butt in a VERY un-sessy bathing suit.  This shot was right before a crocodile decided to take back what was rightfully his by bursting out of the pond that our heroine was using to fill her canteen and latching onto said canteen with his fearsome, completely real, chompahs.  Enter title role as Paul Hogan bursts out of the same swamp with the line “I’m Crocodile Dundee, you filthy crocodile!  That’s not a knife, this is a knife!”, scaring the shit out of that croc and sending it running for it’s completely real life.  I did watch this one with my back to the TV, but my ears have never failed me before.  And let’s pray to the lord that they never do.  Crocodile Dundee is an American classic.  God Bless Crocodile Dundee.

Tim – I feel as though TBS is mining some of the same fields with this film as they did with this weeks earlier story, JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE. And, yes, this film is superior in every way to that film… but really, how many mornings can I ponder the differences and similarities between modern New York City and the untamed lifestyles of native peoples? Come on, TBS… tickle my mind with a new philosophical quandary. What’s next? WILD AMERICA? Wait..that has Jonathan Taylor Thomas in it. And this is TBS. Oh god… doomed… doomed…

Josh – While I am happy to see an homage to Steve Erwin finally coming to Hollywood, I am highly disappointed at the stereotypes portrayed in this film. Is it really necessary for Steve to be able to hypnotize animals with his fingers? Or carry a giant knife for that matter? He was an advocate for peace, not an Australian John Wayne. Anyway, I guess people responded well to it because I IMDB’d this movie and they ALREADY have two more movies ready to go. Personally, I think these laughs at his expense are still too soon.

Joey Jacks (special guest reviewer!) – I have consistently, my whole life, not paid attention to Crocodile Dundee. I remember on my fifth grade safety patrol trip to Washington D.C. where I farted on one of the seats of Senate, we had to watch this movie on the bus trip. I was having way too much fun to pay attention to this movie screaming “fat-geese” at geese outside and making as many other crewed jokes as I could considering the fact I was practically in Middle School now.  So upon coming into Devil’s Due I did what I have always done when seeing Crocodile Dundee on a television, I paid absolutely no attention to it- what so ever-.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “See, movies in the 80’s weren’t afriad to casts beautiful girls that were older than 18.”

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