Beverly Hills Ninja

Beverly Hills Ninja 1997

Beverly Hills Ninja 1997

Sam -There have been many tragic celebrity deaths over the years and very few have saddened myself and those close to me as much as that of Chris Farley.  I feel as though I’m able to write about him as a friend and not the famous icon that he is, just because that’s the way he came across in his comedy.  There was something very approachable to Chris’s style and instantly you were able to connect with him and whatever character (although usually not far off from the man himself) he was playing.

While most everyone knows his two popular movies, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, there’s plenty other movies that he shines in even if not the staring role.  Beverly Hills Ninja is one of those movies.  Though the movie relies heavily (no pun intended) on obvious jokes about Chris Farley’s character, Haru, being the very opposite of what you’d think a ninja to be, Chris is able to still make the role work on a different level, coming across as lovable, honorable and very capable to handle the task at hand once given the room to do so.

There’s a ridiculous level to this movie, as is standard with a lot of the SNL alum movies of the time, but again, it fits perfectly and adds to it if anything.  I’d have to say though, that my favorite joke that appears a couple times, is not of the ridiculous nature but that of a simple and heart-warming gag where Haru, accustom to Japanese tradition continues to leave his shoes outside the doorway to the very upscale and swank hotel that he’s staying in, in Beverly Hills.  Each time he does so, one of the Hotel attendants is there after he leaves to pick them up for the garbage.  I’d say the second time he notices that they’ve been removed, the look he gives the empty space is priceless.  Something that most people don’t give him credit for or normally overlook, as they remember the fat guy that likes to fall on coffee tables and throw himself around (also hilarious) in order to make people laugh.

So all in all if we had an actual numeric rating system of some sort for the site, I’d give this movie as many numbers as it takes to let you know that I like it, and most notably the man that was known to few as, the Beverly Hills Ninja.

Tim -There’s a bizarre trend in Hollywood whereby the humor is found by adding “BEVERLY HILLS” to another word. We simple people are entertained by the hilarious contrast presented by just about any job title and the rich, pretentious Los Angeles neighborhood.  Beverly Hills Cop? Ha!  Troop Beverly Hills? Hoo ha! Beverly Hills Ninja? Hoo ha and a hee hee! Beverly Hills Chihuahua?! Oh! You’re killing me here!  See, they’ve got all this money, right? And, see, he’s a ninja/cop/troop/hill in a non-rich neighborhood. Ya get it?

Josh – N/A

Mike (Norton, special guest reviewer!) –  Just saw that’s the movie for today. I was gonna chime in on it, but damn if once maybe have been too much for that one… Hell, I didn’t feel bad for Chris Farley in that movie… I felt bad for Robin Shou, who played his buddy. He went from Mortal Kombat to THAT?  I think he dresses up like a woman for his ninja disguise if I remember right. 

“The blackness of my belt is like the inside of a coffin on a moonless night.” -(Haru) Chris Farley

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