Head of State

Head of State 2003

Head of State 2003

Sam – A black guy as president?  Sorry, I don’t do “Sci-Fi”.

Tim – Okay… I totally didn’t watch this movie. But, I love the hell out of Chris Rock. He’s my favorite comedian, by a long shot.  But, I learned long ago that he doesn’t do movies half as well as he does comedy. But, I’ll save any judgment of this until I actually see it. The interesting thing about the movie is that when Rock made it, he probably didn’t think there was a chance in hell we’d have a real black Democratic president in less than 5 years. So… um… I dunno… suck it conservatives!

Josh – N/A (remember, usually is the “I’d rather be working” review if a member isn’t able to comment).

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Where’s Tim?”

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