Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation 1997

Vegas Vacation 1997

Sam – For some reason I feel like starting this review off by saying that I voted for Obama…

This being the second Griswold adventure that we’ve seen here I think it’s important to mention that this movie had the much hotter set of kids.  Ethan Embry found his way into my heart as the lovable dork from Can’t Hardly Wait and does an excellent job as the teen version of the character that we’ve all seen change ever-so-much over the years.  While I’m not too familiar with Marisol Nichols, the actor that took on the Audrey Griswold role this time, I can say that I’d rather watch her as the character than Dana Hill (RIP), in the European Vacation that we saw a few weeks ago.   This movie is a good reminder that Chevy Chase exsists.

Tim -It’s interesting to note that a major character arc for Aubrey from European Vacation was that she was constantly fighting the desire to pig out. That did not seem to be a problem at all for this Aubrey. Okay… no… it’s not that interesting to note… at all. In any case, this was a pretty ignorable movie, and the only thing entertaining about it was that it reminded me of a date a college buddy of mine went on to see this film. Seems he had been practicing the ever so smooth “Yawn and then put arm around girl” thing, but when it came to it’s execution, he was so nervous that he forgot to actually yawn, instead saying the word “Yawn” and throwing an arm around said girl. Funnier than this film to be sure.

Josh – Chevy Chase reminds me of my step-dad.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Audrey reminds me of Tim’s mom.”


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