Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy 1995

Tommy Boy 1995

Sam -Hey look at that!  TBS granted me a bday wish and played Tommy Boy!  It’s weird to think of how much of my vernacular as well as those around me has come from this or other SNL movies of it’s time.  This has got to be one of the better movies of the group as you get to see Rob Lowe shirtless and banged up.  Something about a battered Rob Lowe gets a man going.

P.S. – You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Stacey Lorenz do her monolog of Tommy (Chris Farley) at the diner, talking the waitress into servin up some wings even after learning that “the kitchen’s closed”.

Tim – I spent most of the 90s avoiding the popular comedies of the time, largely due to me believing everyone in the world was an idiot after I was told countless times to watch AUSTIN POWERS. But, this was pretty lovable, and in a few places, totally hilarious.  So, maybe… jut maybe, I’ll believe that popular comedies can be funny, as long as no one recommends “Meet the Spartans.”

Josh – This is no Joe Dirt, a fine piece of cinematography, but I felt it was relevant to the current goings-on of Wall Street. Bravo, TBS.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “We’re out of Poptarts!”


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  1. It’s not the funniest thing of all-time but Farley, and Spade make the best of it, with their great on-screen chemistry. Check out my review when you can!

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