Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings 1993

Cool Runnings 1993

Sam – This is the second time I’ve seen this come on as the 9am TBS movie.  So I’m sort of scared, either they LOVE this movie enough to show it multiple times in this time slot, oooor they have a limited supply of bad movies that they’re allowed to show at this time.  I might lend TBS some dvds if that’s the case.   This movie is bad.  And actually has a title role that get said over and over again.  Happy Birthday, Josh.

Tim – I am not the target demographic for this film. I do not like Sports Underdog films. I don’t like wacky athletes. I don’t like the one fat kid who proves his worth by being able to eat 100 Little Debbie cakes in the showdown with the German steroid enhanced woman…  I don’t like inspirational, last second speeches by the loser coach when he realizes what sports are REALLY about after his tryst with the steroid abusing German woman…  And most of all, I do NOT LIKE slow claps. In the entire history of the universe, no one has ever done a NON-IRONIC slow clap. Slow claps have only ever been used when someone’s drunk buddy tried to hurdle over a mail box.  So, yeah… Cool Runnings… great movie… <ironic slow clap>

Josh – I missed it – AGAIN!!!

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “They hate me, they hate you guys!”  -John Candy addressing the team

-“Is he talking about movie critics?”   -Sam addressing Tim

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  1. you guys are crazy Cool Runnings is a classic!

    How can you not love Doug E. Doug as Sanka Coffee! Or Malik Yoba as Yul Brenner!

    Get it! Sanka is hyperactive and Yul is bald!
    Genius film.

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