Scream 1996

Scream 1996

Sam – Wow. I don’t know how to handle TBS giving us a movie that is at this level.  I actually moved my computer so I could see the screen better than having to turn my head slightly to the left when a good scene comes on.   Scream was the revolutionary movie in the 90’s and changed the way we looked at horror.  And though Hollywood did what it’s best at, and beat this type of horror movie to death with imitators and sequels, this original will hold a very special place in the mythos of slasher films. I totally loved each actor and the way they brought their character to life (or death), and I found myself repeating almost half the movie just because of that fact.  “I’m feeling a little woozy over here!”  Classic!

Though this movie came out over ten years ago, I feel it’s my responsibility, nay, my duty to not reveal who the killer is.  That’s much UNLIKE a few of my close friends that are looking ahead on TBS’s schedule of morning movies…

Tim – Maybe the most meta thing about this movie was when  ol’ Billy Loomis was talking about how his and Syd’s relationship was like a film cut for TV with all the best parts taken out.  Cuz, I was like totally watching SCREAM on TBS. META!!! It was especially apparent in a scene where, post sex, Syd says “FUCK YOU!” to Billy, to which he replies, “Been there, done that.”  That makes sense. In the TBS version Syd says “FORGET YOU!”.  And then Billy quips back with the same line. That doesn’t make sense. So, please, move -overdub-censor-guy, make sure you consider what you’re changing when you remove the “fucks”. Anyway, one of my favorite films of all time. That’s a sure sign that WILD HOGS will be tomorrow’s film of karmic justice.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Hey y’all, I lost a sandwich. Anyone seen it?”

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