The Mask

The Mask 1994

The Mask 1994

Sam – Apparently there was a contest that ran in an issue of Nintendo Power where the winner would get a walk on role in the sequel that was planned; The Mask II.  That movie was canceled and luckily years later we got Son of the Mask.  Thus connecting yesterday’s movie and today’s via Jamie Kennedy.  Jim Carrey is always fun to watch so I have nothing really bad to say about this movie.  Though I’ve only ever seen it on TV, so I’ve never got to see the infamous prison rape scene, which I bet was just as hilarious as anything else Carrey has done.  Guess I’ll have to buy a PS3 and then a copy of this movie on blue-ray just to see that scene.  I’ll probably buy E.T. on blue-ray too.  We’re finally getting rid of our VHS tapes after realizing that we hadn’t had our VCR hooked up in over two years.  I’m not giving Chopper up until its out on blue-ray cause there’s an off chance I’ll need to watch that all of a sudden.  Blue-ray.

Tim – I formed an opinion about this movie all those years ago when I saw it in the theater on a date as a teenager. That opinion held today: A totally fun, visually creative movie which didn’t make me laugh at all, but gave me plenty of fap-material in the form of Cameron Diaz. The only major differences was that my first viewing of the film was interrupted by making out and teenage pawing, while today’s viewing was interrupted by commercials for Yaz’s PMDD (Leave them alone, FDA! We get it! They fucked up with their unclear ads! )  and Tyler Perry telling me how funny he is.   Hm. I need a time machine.

Josh – N/A (Drove to Cincy with the wind in his hair and song in his heart.)

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “I wonder how many times I can say “blue-ray” in my review today.”

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