Without A Paddle

Without A Paddle 2004

Without A Paddle 2004

Sam – I’ve seen this enough through other TBS airings that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t in the office to see this on this particular day.  I don’t HATE this movie, but I’m definitely not a fan.  I am however a fan of Dax Shepard for some reason.  I really liked him in Idiocracy and Baby Mama.  The one thing that really bugs me about this movie is when the three main characters find their most prized trinkets that they left behind and it just so happens that Seth Green’s character left a C3PO figure.  It was well known even before the days of Robot Chicken that Seth is a fan of lil’ plastic things and it was obvious to me when this scene happened that he definitely had some input as to what his character’s most prized possession would be.  I think it’s just jealously that Seth Green has had a successful venture because of his love of toys and I just have a massive debt, boxes upon boxes in storage of crap I can’t display and a wife that goes retarded when she runs into him at San Diego Comic Con.  Hey Seth, do you have a clear Wraith variant?  I’m still missing that one.

Tim –With Scream airing only a few days before, I had already met my Matthew Lillard quota for May. But, I watched this anyway, without the Sam Wells/Jimminy Cricket over my shoulder telling me it was my duty to the blog to view Without a Paddle. The whole time I was was half watching it, I couldn’t get out of my head what the pitch meeting for this film must have been.  Won’t you join me in my brain for a minute?

SCENE 1: Screenwriter walks to executives office. Executive is intersted because he knows “dude comedies” make all kinds of money. Screenwriter, sweating, says “Okay…listen to this:  It’s PORKIES..” Executives ears perk up, evil grin passing over greasy face.  Back to screewriter. “Meets DELIVERANCE.”

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Where’s Sam?”

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