National Security

National Security 2003

National Security 2003

Sam – I’ll watch Martin Lawrence paired with any white guy in any premise.  I’m going to pair him with Matthew Lillard in an oddball comedy about two janitors that are eventually the heroes that save the entire school from a school shooting massacre, and force Tim to watch the movie on repeat for a whole week with no poptarts to comfort him.  I just hope for Martin Lawrence’s sake that he never gets caught at prom by Steve Zhan, Vincent Regan, Luke Wilson, Tim Robbins or Will Smith (he’s “white” enough, right?) while flirting with another “buddy” at the punch bowl.

I’ll give my vhs copy of Nothing to Lose to whoever comes up with the best name for my Martin Lawrence/Matthew Lillard janitor buddy movie.

Tim –Steve Zahn has one of the oddest careers in Hollywood, occasionally starring in well reviewed indy films, while having rashes of success with made for TBS formulaic comedies. Martin Lawrence ‘s career is odd in that he must always be paired with an awkward, uptight white man in films by court order. It has something to do with a restraining order by the woman that played Gina in Martin’s long lived sitcom. Anyway, not a terrible movie, but definitely more memorable for its action scenes than its humor. You have to respect a shoot out in a beverage bottling company. You. Have. To.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Mary says that you cheated on your review yesterday.”

– “No you tell her that Hollywood cheated.”



  1. “White Trash” starring Lawrence and Lillard.

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