Underclassman 2005

Underclassman 2005

Sam -This movie took 21 Jump Street and took all the cool stuff out and added in a bunch of cliche one-liners and obvious “twists”.  Hands down one of my favorite movies of all time.  Okay, that’s not true.  I love some horrible movies but this one might be even too low for me.  I believe the phrase is “I’d Rather Be Working…”

However I must commend this film as it’s the first of the action/comedy genre that inserted 45 second pauses after every joke where the actors would just look at the camera to allow space for the “Repeat”.  The Repeat sounds something like this;

-“I’m telling you, in my old neighborhood, gettin’ crab is something totally different.”  -Character in movie

-“Awww hell naw!  He said, ‘I’m telling you, in my old neighborhood, gettin’ crab is something totally different.‘  Dammn! You know that’s true!”  -Movie patron

Tim – I missed the whole ‘Nick Cannon-as-hot-young-actor” era, largely because I’m not a 13 year old girl, and also because, let’s face it, it was an extremely brief era.
In any case, this film breathed new life into the so often ignored “adult goes undercover in a high school” sub-genre of fish-out-of-water comedies. Okay… no it doesn’t. *Sigh*… Sarcasm is just cliche. Almost as cliche as the line “You’re reckless, detective!” And “You’re out of line!” which was pretty well spoken VERBATIM in this film. Or, quoting Scarface and having a character say, “Say hello to my lil’ friend.” Also done in this film. Between Bad New Bears and this movie, I am cliched out. So, I believe it is time for me to abandon sarcasm so I can be as far from “The Underclassman” as possible.  Yeah…right.

Special Guest reviewer!

TriBot Review


TriBot – Hey there’s something there! I’m gonna have to check that out! Good work, TriBot! I’ve still got it!

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “TriBot killed Josh!  You bastard!  Well you’ll just have to take on his IRBW duties now.”


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