Band Camp

Band Camp 2005

Band Camp 2005

Sam – This is actually the second time TBS has aired Band Camp in the 9am time slot, however IRBW was not up and running when it first ran, much like Cool Runnings.  Hopefully this is not a trend.  I hate throwing the “I’d Rather Be Working” term around, but we didn’t actually force ourselves to watch it again so I guess it applies here.  I’m very amazed though that this property was strong enough to not only feature two sequels, but a spin-off movie on top of that.  I just wonder if the idea for Band Camp was there right after the first movie or if it was brought up after the second or third.  I’d like to think that this movie was actually the goal and the other ones were just the vehicle to get Band Camp to the people.  I can’t watch anything American Pie without instantly thinking of Alyson Hannigan giving that famous and wildly annoying line.  PS – she is cute and not in this.

Tim – Goddamn it, TBS. I fee like I don’t ask much of you, but, I think it’s fair for me to ask that you spare us DIRECT-TO-VIDEO movies. I especially feel it is relevant in this case when we have a spin-off American Pie movie, featuring a character who is apparently Stifler’s brother. And it is maybe the worst thing ever.

Josh – I can’t decide which is worse punishment; having to act like you’re supposed to be like Seann Williams Scott as Stifler to play his little brother in the movie, OR if you’re supposed to be another character acting like Seann Williams Scott actually as the character, Stifler.

Sean Dove (Special Guest Reviewer!) – Ok I’ll admit it, I’ve watched this film a few times. Nothing is good about this movie, but if it’s on I can’t seem to find a good reason to turn it off. Maybe it’s Arielle Kebbel, she is so damn cute it’s hard to turn away. Or making robots to spy on unsuspecting naked band girls. Whatever it is, it’s made me watch this movie 4 or 5 times.

Looking up the director I’m happy to find out he has also made a sequel to Road Trip, Road Trip II: Beer Pong. I suspect I’ll be watching this one a couple times also… someone stop me.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Oh shit, Sean’s coming up – hide all the cookies!”

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