Stuck on You

Stuck On You 2003

Stuck On You 2003

Sam – I honestly can’t believe that they were able to take one joke and stretch it for an entire movie.  I’m guessing that if this premise wasn’t done for a wide release and it was mildly offensive, that the movie might have actually been good.  There’s a Mr. Show sketch about conjoined twins that’s much funnier than anything in this entire movie.  One good thing that came out of this though is that Tim made me look up Matt Damon’s impression of Matthew McConaughey.  Whew!

Tim – The Farelly’s have had it pretty tough in that their Something About Mary pretty much blew the doors off any comedy film at the time, and put them into a position of having  to deal with very high expectations. Stuck On You fits into a strange place as not really working well as a comedy (at all), but being a decent enough, sincere little character piece with some damn fine actors. On the other hand, Cher is in it, and whenever I see her, I think of her solo music career and warbling voice, despite the fact that she has often done some decent films. This is too much conflict this early in the morning.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “Dude, ‘Dance of the Dead’ had zombies that burst out of their graves and hit the ground running!  That’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.”


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