Spiderman 2002

Spiderman 2002

Sam – This movie is responsible for Spiderman 2, which is responsible for Spiderman 3.  Fore shame, Spiderman.  I really like these movies, though I actually haven’t seen the third one, except for the famous Peter Parker jazz club scene.  *Shudder*  I like the way they feel larger than life, swinging through the city and all that.  Looks great on blue-ray too.  Or so I’ve heard.  These movies also gave us some of the best Spiderman video games we’ve ever seen, so that’s a plus too.

Tim – With some years between this movie and myself, I can now look past my glowing excitement and fan boyish love to see that, it’s a pretty great movie, but Green Goblin looks pretty fucking stupid. Seems like there must have been a different design to go with. Other than that though, I will not fault TBS for playing Spiderman a couple, possibly three times.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Are you sure he likes Mary Jane? I thought he was shooting for his friend Harry.”

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