Jury Duty

Jury Duty (1995)

Jury Duty (1995)

Sam – I’m not sure what I was happier about, the fact that I got to see Jury Duty today, or the fact that Josh came in and surprised the hell out of me by not only by sharing in my excitement that Pauly Shore was on our morning movie, but also writing his review for the movie before anyone else.  I’d say Jury Duty is my second favorite Pauly Shore movie, right behind In the Army Now.  There’s just something about the Weeaaasle that does it for me, I mean c’mon, I know he’s a horrible actor – but he tries so hard!  You gotta love him for that.  Also, big ups to this movie for giving me both a very toned male stripper ass AND Pizzicato Five in the first ten minutes of the movie.  “Nunununo! You’re outta order!”  HA!

Tim – Having no nostalgic affection for Pauly Shore, or this movie, I am able to approach it with far more rational eyes than Sam or Josh. Thus, the truth is, this movie is not funny. Pauly Shore’s thonged ass is NOT funny. In fact, no body part of Pauly Shore is funny. In fact,  I hate you guys for liking this movie.

Josh – Now THIS is the kind of movie that inspires us to watch TBS. I know that I for one, when I get a free upgrade on a hotel and am alone, I go crazy and watch girls in bikinis on TV, scream in joy at my dog and shove popcorn in my mouth while my peers are slumming it in their crappy rooms with no cable.

Oh, and this movie just reminded me that Tia Carrera exists. The question is who had more classics? Her or Pauly Shore?

Things said during movie (not-review):

“I’m more of a Son In Law kinda guy.”

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