In The Mix

In The Mix (2005)

In The Mix (2005)

Sam – This movie has the honor of being the only film released in 2005 that made it to a theatrical release without the much overrated “plot” that other films seem to waste too much gal-dang time on.  I mean, c’mon get to the poker scene already?  Stop trying to tell me why Batman hates the Joker!  I want to see someone put their pure breed bulldog up as a wager!  Take a tip from In The Mix, Hollywood – let’s cut out all the fat and get right to the mustard greens.

Tim – I think I may have found the plot to this film..or, at least a through line. You see, Usher is a hot dude. And ladies love him. And..well, there ya go. Instant movie. Seriously, many “scenes” in this film hinge upon how utterly, devastatingly handsome Usher is.From the riveting yoga scene, to the shocking and thrilling DJ spinning scene, we are reminded that Usher is hot and desirable. The thing is, Usher looks sorta like a guy that might work at an arcade, dolling out the prizes you earn after getting 600 tickets playing Whack-A-Mole.

Josh – N to the A.

Things said during movie (not-review):

Mothra Attack!

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