Son of the Mask

Son of the Mask 2005

Son of the Mask 2005

Sam – Though I did enjoy watching Alan Cummings in a bunch of different disguises as Loki, I’m going to just let this image of a Son of the Mask children’s halloween costume speak as my review.



Tim – I put up with a fair amount of ribbing for my resistance to adopt every technology that comes down the information super highway. I took my time getting a cell phone (because I hate talking on the phone), and I still don’t use Twitter, because, I really don’t care what people are doing in less than 140 letters or whatever. Sometimes it’s hard to justify my attitude, as people tend to categorize me as some kind of “left-behind” Luddite who will be irrelevant when the haven’s open up and take all the Tweeters to Sentence Fragment Heaven. But, next time I get ribbed, I can now spring upon the accuser the ultimate defense. “Son of the Mask” is a fine example of technology abuse. The CGI abortions running around in this thing, doing their disturbing, plastic, Satan baby best to cover up the worst script pooped upon a sequel, tell me I can avoid your goddamn Twitter as long as I want.

Josh – Son of the Mask… the movie that was TOO stupid for Jim Carey to star in.

Things said during movie (not-review):

– “We should just re-write our reviews for the Mask today, but write them REALLY poorly.”


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