Take the Lead

Take the Lead (2006)

Take the Lead (2006)

Sam – And to think, that Antonio actually almost passed up this role!  It scares me to think of what would have happened if he had.  We might live in a world that none of us would know this incredibly handsome fellow with the dark eyes and sexy latin flair.  “Banderas who?  Nope, never heard of him. Oh he was going to take the lead in Take the Lead?  Oh man, what would that movie had been like without Pauly Shore?!  Glad that didn’t happen.”

I think Liz said it best when retitling this movie by only know the premise of Antonio Banderas teaching a class of troubled teens how to dance; Dangerous Hips.  Thank you, Lizard.

Tim – So… wait, this is a TRUE story?! Really? So, MIGHTY DUCKS can happen in real life, but only with teenagers and ballroom dance? I’m troubled and confused,even more so by the fact that he heavily spanish-accented Banderas plays a French guy.

Josh – N/A

Kellynn Knue (Special Guest Reviewer!) – Take the Lead is just another knock off of Sister Act 2.  Like Sister Act 2, Antonio Banderas also takes on a teaching job in a poorer community’s school.  The kids are raging full of talent but are unable to express themselves…until Banderas comes along.  But instead of singing (Sister Act 2), these kids can DANCE! Too bad Antonio’s character doesn’t have the soul or flare of Woopie’s! His kids seemed to pass on a message of dancing dirty, rather than something more inspirational. BUT then again I wasn’t really paying attention in the end. I’m not sure if we even finished watching it. Oh well.

Things said during movie (not-review):

“You shut up, Nasonex Bee!”

this is just like sister act 2.

shut up, nazonex bee

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