My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding (1996)

My Best Friend's Wedding (1996)

Sam – My Best Friend’s Wedding takes honors as the original “I’d Rather Be Working” movie, as it’s first viewing during this TBS 9am time slot was terminated well before the movie had ended.  Today it didn’t stand a chance.  Though not the Worst Movie to date, definitely holds a special place in our hearts and one that helped spawn this site’s title.

Tim – Y’know, I dunno so much if it’s “bad” as in “not well made.” It’s just bad in god, I DO NOT want to watch this at 9am. I mean, mayonnaise isn’t BAD but I assure you I do not want to eat a jar for breakfast.

Josh – N/A (But was the one to make the call originally to turn this one off.)

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Yikes, that’s a bad one.”

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