Honey I Blew Up the Kid

Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992)

Sam – Disgusting. Simply disgusting.  Baby blood and guts everywhere.  I thought those Faces of Death movies were bad, Rick Moranis, you’re one sick fuck.

Tim – This is the first TBS morning movie  created by people I know. Yes, strangely, Stuart Gordon, and Brian Yuzna, of the Re-Animator films, and other great horror flicks created this franchise, and provided the stories. SO, uh… good show fellas!

Josh – I didn’t have time to watch this movie. I just looked up and saw a toddler crackling with energy, so I assumed this was Ghostbusters 2. When the Key Master ran to retrieve the kid I was positive. I never really enjoyed GB2.

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Hey ya’ll, Allen’s coming up for lunch!”



  1. My favorite Rick Moranis movie was “Honey, I fucked the Babysitter”, best to watch it on vhs – tbs cuts out all the good parts.

  2. Okay so I guess Daniel just beat out Rick Moranis for “sick fuck”. Congrats!

  3. this movie is were my crush on Kerry (Felicity) Russell started.

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