Men In Black

Men In Black (1997)

Men In Black (1997)

Sam – I don’t care how bad anyone in the history of forever reviews this movie, because shaking a pug dog for information is hilarious.  I can think of many movies that would have only benefited by having the lead shake down a talking pug dog in order to find stuff out.  Se7en would have been AMAZING if Brad Pitt was shaking a cute little pug dog shouting “What’s in the box, man?! What’s in the boooooox?!”  Heh.  It still would have been devastating to find what was in the box, but I’d also like to watch other people watching this version of the movie for the first time just for that super quick change of laughter and joy during the shaking then the utter terror when you realize why Brad’s crying and all slobbery at the mouth like he gets.  Freaking priceless.

Tim – When i see this movie, I often think of the film Dirty Work featuring Norm MacDonald. At some point in the movie there’s a gay porn  called Men in Black… Men. I think..or I made that up. Either way, funny.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

“I like the act of crumbling paper because it’s more symbolic than useful”

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