Boat Trip

Boat Trip (2002)

Boat Trip (2002)

Sam – We realized that Boat Trip is a fine example of what a Troma movie would be like if they had a budget.  Let’s all thank the lord that they never will.  Boat Trip now holds the crown as Worst Movie at beating out Jungle 2 Jungle.  Congrats!  Here’s a picture of Horatio Sans now…

Senor Sans

Senor Sans

Tim – Wow. I… wow. I used to feel sympathy for Cuba Gooding Jr. and his unfortunate career trajectory, but y’know what? Fuck you, Cuba. I’m glad we embargoed you.

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

“No, we must finish it!”


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  1. I got the subtitle confused with the cast list. I was really excited about the possibility of an actor named Sextremer Kreuz.

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