Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose (1997)

Nothing to Lose (1997)

Sam – If you’re paying attention, you’d know by now that Nothing to Lose is my favorite of the Martin Lawrence + white guy team-’em-ups.  The movie goes from somewhat depressing and desperate to unbelievable and ultimately hilarious!  For five minutes prior, I prepped Tim for mine and Liz’s favorite line from the film; “Please don’t kill me, freaky Jason!”  Ooooh man!  I’m sure it’s hard detect sarcasm on the internet so I want to point out that I’m being completely serious when I say that I love this movie.  If you can put aside your preconceived notions about  buddy/faux-action/comedies from the 90’s let me know, and Liz and I will come over and watch this with you.

Tim – I’m conflicted. One one hand: Martin Lawrence. On the other: Morphine soundtrack. Tim Robbins. John C. McGinley. So, I think this movie ultimately evens out as a mildly entertaining film, with a line that Sam Wells thinks is really funny. I’d also like to point out, that before IRBW, I had only ever seen “Bad Boys” 1 and 2 in The Martin Lawrence ouevre. Now I believe I am almost an expert on the man. Apparently I have only Big Momma’s House left to see. Let’s hope they show that on TBS, a I’m sure my rant about black comedians dressing up as transvestite old ladies will be highly intellectual. I’m looking at you Tyler Perry.

Josh – N/A

Liz McArthur (Special Guest Reviewer!) – I love this movie as a friend. I remember when we rented it as big fans of Martin, I was sure we were going to hate it as much as we would eventually hate Big Momma’s House 2. I couldn’t have been more wrong than that time I sleepwalked into bed with Josh in New York. In my defense, I was drunk and sleeping on the floor, which coincidentally were the exact circumstances when we decided to watch Big Momma’s House 2. Now, while you may THINK you won’t “get it” because the black guy in this movie went to college *gasp*…never you worry! He still robs people! Ah, the world was a different place in 1997. All I want to do now is put on my Soundgarden shirt, hop in my dad’s Cavalier, and head over to blockbuster to pick up this movie on VHS. I’d have to return it tomorrow though, because they still have those crazy late fees.

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Wait, here it comes… wait.  Wait, watch!  Look!  Here it comes, right here.”

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  1. This movie still isn’t as good as “Oh No He didn’t 2” and “Blades of Silence.”

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