Doom (2005)

Doom (2005)

Sam – Some how I had no idea that this movie existed.  I wish I had the blissful ignorance of 8am Sam.  So full of McDonald’s and happiness back then.  Now I’m full of poop and regret.  There was one funny line when the Rock and some blond guy are yelling at the pretty doctor lady, but it wasn’t intended to be funny, nor was it funny enough to bother to remember.  If this site has taught me anything, it’s that at some points I would rather be working, as I did through most of this movie.  Sorry y’all – don’t care about the game or poorly written action movie dialog.

Tim – This movie is filmed so dark and lightless, that is was by far the easiest film to ignore ever shown in the office. Even when I looked up form the desk, all I could see was the occasional flash of the Rock’s teeth and the muzzle flash of a first person shooter view gun. So, ALIEN begat this video game which is a bad rip off of ALIEN, which begat this movie, which is, in fact, a bad rip off of ALIEN. Ah, progress.

Josh – The rock SHINED in this movie.  Compared to everyone else that is.

Chris Burnham (Special Guest Reviewer!) – I’ve got nothing to say… the Rock was in it, right?

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Man why do things always go this way when you’re around, Burnham?!”

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