You, Me and Dupree

You Me And Dupree (1996)

You Me And Dupree (2006)

Sam – I’m going to quit doing reviews. These guys are a million times better than anything I could do. But as my send off, we had You, Me and Dupree.  I was a bit shocked to see this movie already in TBS purgatory as I thought it was just yesterday I was groaning about seeing commercials with Owen Wilson on a toilet.  But apparently it came out three years ago.  Man, time flies when you’re watching really bad movies.  So from what I could piece together it seems that Owen Wilson’s character, Dupree was an unwanted, yet lovable house guest that was slightly causing headaches for Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson.  There’s a fire, some butter and without fail, Dupree is hit by a car while rounding the corner on a bike.  What a way to end the week.

Tim – Yeah, didn’t catch much of this flick over our three hour conversation about everything wrong with the G.I. Joe film. So, um…watch You, Me and Dupree instead if G.I. Joe and have less to talk about.

Allen Moore (INVITED Special Guest reviewer) – You, Me and Dupree… Starring Johny Drama’s brother (Matt Dillon), Jackie Chan’s sidekick (Owen Wilson) and Penny Lane (Kate Hudson).  When the title sounds more interesting then the movie actually is, there’s definitely a problem.

Sean Dove (Special Guest Brat) – Man I got You, Me and Dupree mixed up with Drillbit Taylor. I kept waiting for him to start beating up kids…

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Even though it’s like four times removed, it’s Liz’s favorite story that I tell.”

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