Man of the House (Disney)

Man of the House (1995)

Man of the House (1995)

Sam – Its a rare treat when we get a film here at IRBW that deals with child molestation.  Or in this case, a movie about a child (JTT) that is abusively taking sexual advantage of his step-father to be (Chevy Chase).  It was pretty hard to watch, considering that this was the director’s cut of the movie which TBS got special clearance from the FCC to air.  There were numerous commercial warnings that this was going to be graphic and that we were to use our discretion as viewers.  But let’s be honest, when presented with that warning, it’s almost a guarantee that people will watch whatever it is then.  I just found it really hard to believe Chevy Chase as the victim in this movie.  How hard is it (no pun intended) to get a 12 year old off (no pun intended) of you?  I’m sorry, I just don’t “buy” children forcing themselves on grown men movies (pun definitely intended).

Tim – For me the most incomprehnsible thing in this film besides the movie, is that Disney didn’t create a theme park ride based on it. Who wouldn’t want to thrill to the 3-D adventures of George Wendt and his crew of quirky friends as they blast through the universe to the unusual but strangely endearing tones of Enya? I ask you sir, WHO!!?

Things said during movie (not-review):

“I will not be your friend, Coca-Cola.  You can go fuck yourself. I will however, drink your energy drink.

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