The Weather Man

The Weather Man (2005)

The Weather Man (2005)

Sam – We actually watched The Weather Man on this TBS time slot before we started IRBW so this is sort of a repeat, but not for you guys!  This film defies the normal movie math which is very simple; Nicholas Cage = ungood.  Though I still have a hard time listening to his voice, it’s actually one of the better movies we’ve seen.  Nicholas Cage’s character is a bit too true to life and makes me a bit uncomfortable.  On the other hand, the actor that plays his daughter almost steals the best acting award away from Michael Caine… almost.  Favorite line of the movie; “Why did you get hit with a Frosty? What is a Frosty?”

Tim – I actually really like Nicolas Cage, but he certainly has chosen to be in a whole bunch of films lately that I do not want to see. It was the Wickerman remake when I decided he had gone into a territory I wasn’t interested in exploring. But, Weatherman is a really good movie, and Cage OWNS this role as a weirdly awkward adult unwilling to accept responsibility for pretty much anything. Watch it!

Things said during movie (not-review):

I heard a Polish exchange student once give a definition of what a tampon was for that was just as wrong as the daughter’s definition of what a ‘Camel Toe’ was.”



  1. The key to every Nicholas Cage movie I’ve liked: cast him as a looser who is STILL UNREDEEMED when credits roll.

  2. So Raising Arizona, The Weather Man and… Leaving Las Vegas?

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