Small Soldiers (repeat)

Small Soldiers (1998)

Small Soldiers (1998)

Sam – Just to clarify, we did have Small Soldiers on IRBW before, but it was during a “One word review week”, which means we were either too busy or one of us was out.  So we’ll elaborate.  The cast on this movie was pretty impressive and even more so if you look at who did the voices for the toys.  Here’s a list of people instead of an actual review; Christopher Guest, Michael McKean,  Harry Shearer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Ricci, Ernest Borgnine, Frank Langella and Tommy Lee Jones.  That’s just listing the voice talent!  On top of that you get David Cross, Phil Hartman, Jay Morh, Dennis Leary and Kirsten Dunst.  Names.  Okay, well the time I did a one sentence review I said “Nightmare” and that simply put is because if this were to happen in real life, Liz and I would not make a foot in our house without being murderized.  The scene with the killer Gwendy dolls attacking Kirsten Dunst was one of the creepiest things ever.  Even worse that they were still saying things that girl dolls would say while trying to kill her.

Tim – Still a better G.I. Joe movie than The Rise of Cobra.

Josh – So does Kevin Dunn only play the parent in movies where crazy toys and robots are attacking his suburban family?

Things said during movie (not-review):

Happy Birthday, Peterlin!”

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