Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs (2005)

Must Love Dogs (2005)

Sam – Highlight: Glenn Howerton (Dennis) from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia plays a drunk brother or something.  Lowlight: (As Tim put it:) Inevitable group/family musical number that so spontaneously happens at dinner near the beginning of the movie.  I must note that the same shenanigans got the TV turned the hell off during My Best Friend’s Wedding.  That level of disrespect is right up there with the phrase; “Stay tuned, Home Improvement is next.”

The SUPER Highlight: Diane Lane is 44 years old and looks like this –

Tim – Here’s where I start to question the whole IRBW experience. I have now seen Must Love Dogs. Not that it’s a horrific film or anything, but really, it’s brings up the question of WHY I’v seen it. How will this affect my life? How will it be useful? Now I am a human who has seen Must Love Dogs. I have joined that group so to speak. Am I okay with that?!

Things said during movie (not-review):

We celebrate this holiday with yet another attack on man.”

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  1. Diane Lane – what a super hottie!

    Great actress too!

  2. Diane Lane was also in Judge Dredd:


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