Son In Law

Son in Law (1993)

Son in Law (1993)

Sam – This week the IRBW headquarters are moving.  So until we’re up and running at MAX CAPAS (Starring Vin Diesel), we’re going to have guest reviewers even on repeats.  Here’s your guest reviewers for today’s gem. (PS – I love Pauly Shore movies.)

Liz McArthur (Special Guest Reviewer!) – So, Sam has asked me to review Son-in-Law. I have see this movie a MILLION times because I used to LOVE Pauly Shore! LOVE!

Here’s the problem. I have a terrible memory. The only information my mind ever really retained is every episode of the Muppet Show, potatoes are good, and the name of every girl Sam had a crush on in High School. I’d like to give you a peek into this mish-mashed-vodka sponge I call my brain, with a… (SOUND THE HORNS!)


So the movie starts Pauly Shore is probably doing something crazy and weird. And then his girlfriend shows up with her parents because they are going to go visit her farm or something. They think he’s weird. The chicks dad wants help around the farm but wouldn’t you know it Pauly Shore is NOT much help. Right about now he probably “squishes a weasel” or whatever it is that he always used to say. Now I remember some sort of trouble with Tiffany Amber Theisen. I think she was the girlfriend of someone from town that like wanted the farm or just didn’t like Pauly Shore’s girlfriend or something. Because I remember there were like drugs planted in a car or something but Pauly Figured the whole scam out because the seat was pushed too far back. Now that I think about it maybe that trick was played on Tiffany Amber Theisen. No one can be sure. I think right about now is when Pauly probably proved himself in every way to his girlfriend’s family. Actually now that I think about THAT, I guess they are fiancés, since the movie is called Son-in-Law. Is that why she brought him home? That would make sense. And maybe it was an old boyfriend that was planting drugs? Or was it guns? It doesn’t matter. Anyway everyone likes Pauly now and they get married. I think someone drove a red truck.

The end.

Brian Crowley (Special Guest Reviewer!) – I’ve a lot to say about this movie… but firs thing’s first… let your mind absorb this Carla Gugino looks virtually the same today as when she made this movie. She’s 39.  Amazing. I would think after this movie, a beautiful, good actress like her would be well on her way to the top tier of Hollywood, yet she fucked around in shit like Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco I mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Fire your agent after that! my second side-note is that her father is played by Lane Smith known as Perry White to people who would sit through Dean Cain’s Superman to stare at Terri Hatcher. He was in Rooster Cogburn as Leroy. He’s now in heaven playing 308th banana to John Wayne in whatever movies play in the afterlife.

Anyhow… back to this movie. You’d think that TBS would just be running this movie because it’s a tame rom-com, but no, looks are deceiving. In the first twenty minutes of this movie Pauly Shore is bludgeoned to death in his bed by a young Viggo Mortenson. Then after rescuing Carla Gugino’s character from a school that Pauly Shore’s character had planted a bomb in they meet up in Harlem with Zeus (played by Samuel L Jackson). They race to get to the White House because Zeus’s woman (played by Geena Davis) is the president and aliens are invading. Her chief of staff (Lane Smith) is having an affair with his mistress (Tiffany Amber Thiessen) as he sounds the alarm and they get aboard the rogue spacecraft in Area 51. Samuel L. Jackson’s random death via shark is really unexpected in the vacuum of space about a haunted pirate rogue UFO.

It’s a really solid movie. Good job TBS!

Things said during movie (not-review):

Do they have TBS on that end of Roscoe Village?”

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