Just Friends (repeat with new reviewers!)

Just Friends (2005)

Just Friends (2005)

Josh Fritz (Special Guest Reviewer!) – I can see why Scarlett Johansson married Ryan Reynolds. I was all set to hate on him in this movie, but he totally won me over.

I think the best place to start when talking about this movie is the 1976 film “Carrie,” starring Sissy Spacek. For those of you who have not seen it, here comes a spoiler. “Carrie” tells the story of a very shy, isolated teenage girl with telekinetic powers, Carrie, played by Sissy Spacek. She is ostracized at school, largely due to the effect her fanatically religious mother has had on her.

So the girls at school don’t like Carrie to begin with. They’re super mean to her at the beginning of the movie, and because of it, they all get detention. One of the girls who was mean to her feels really bad about it, so she gets her extra hunky boyfriend to take her to the prom. She genuinely wants Carrie to have a good time. But the meanest of the girls don’t feel that way. Knowing she’s going to prom with the super hunky guy, they decide to completely humiliate her in front of the entire school. They make sure she and her date are named prom king and queen, and as she’s up on the stage being crowned, they dump pig blood on her.

Carrie reacts by using telekinesis to trap everyone in the building, and then she burns it down. Following that, she goes home where her mother attempts to kill her, now that she has found out about her telekinetic powers. In self defense, Carrie kills her mother, then feels really bad about it, and brings the house down in flames on top of them both.

So, what does Carrie have to do with “Just Friends?” Well, “Just Friends” is what the sequel to Carrie should have been, if only Carrie had made a better decision after getting blood dumped on her at the prom. In “Just Friends,” the overweight Chris (Ryan Reynolds) is humiliated in front of his graduating class as a football jock reads a note confessing his love for his best friend. Chris’s response is to sheepishly leave the party, graduate high school, go to the gym, attend college, and then become an extremely successful entertainment agent in Los Angeles.

Carrie should have left the prom, gone home, made up with her crazy mom, and then embarked on the road that would have made her the hottest, most successful Carrie she could be. And just like in the end of “Just Friends,” 10 years later she would have totally bagged her high school crush, the guy from “The Greatest American Hero.” In fact, in my mind, she did, because the whole time I was watching “Just Friends” I was imagining Carrie in the role of Chris.

Overall, an utterly enjoyable film. It had Ryan Reynolds being funny, and wearing a fat suit, although it did look like he had eyeliner on a lot of the time. And the girl from “Road Trip” was cute in it too.

Courtney McCormick – What’s up Class of ’95?!!!
Just Friends.  I had not seen this before.  Josh (B.) has mentioned it lots because we graduated in ’95 and he’s a fool for reunions so I was excited to finally view this film.

So, Ryan Reynolds.  He’s now super delish and this was clearly a step along his transformation to Optimum Sexy Pants.  I recently watched Adventureland and noticed in both movies that he looks like a giant compared to his costars.  Did a little research and he’s 6′-2″.  That’s not enormous.  The rest of Hollywood must be miniature.

This movie also featured the cute kid from Fanboy.  I like him.  I like that movie.

But what can I say about this movie… it’s a Christmas movie.  That’s fun.  And based in New Jersey.  Everyone likes Jersey!

Question: why the internal monologue 3/4 way thru movie?  Seemed out of place.

In closing, my favorite line of the movie goes to Anna Farris’s character with  “God I wanna lick your skin off.”

Big thanks to Sam for letting me sit in as guest reviewer.  It’s been an honor.  And now, I’d rather be working which in my case is figuring out why the boy skipped school today.  Cheers!

Things said during movie (not-review):

I’m not going to post your review today because I don’t fucking feel like it!”

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