Not Another Teen Movie

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Sam –  I first saw this movie with my sister-in-law on DVD, for what reason we decided this was a good one to watch is beyond me.  But I’m glad we did!!  These fucking spoof movies are probably going to be humanity’s undoing… yet I found this one to be a clever romp with laughs and surprises for everyone (ages 17 and over) to enjoy.  This movie was the first time I saw someone call out teen movies for the “yes it was a dare/joke/favor when I started dating you, but I didn’t even take the (fill in reward here) because I, love, you.” line that somehow always makes things better.

It also has Randy Quaid affectionately calling his daughter “pumpkin tits” or something along those lines.

Tim – Okay… so I barely remember this flick. It seems I watched it while drunk or sick… maybe stoned. I don’t know. But Chris Evans is funny, and I kind of have a man-crush on him a tad. And any movie that makes fun of the “Hollywood Ugly” trope, where an ungodly hot girl is nerdy, has my affection.

Sean Dove (Special Guest Reviewer!) – So Sam asked me to do another review for some movie called “Not Another Teen Movie”. I had never seen or ever heard of this movie (wink). It seems silly to try and write a review for this movie that I’ve never seen (Chough! Chough!). But lets say I have seen it, and I didn’t think it was bad, and I might have laughed at a lot of stuff I feel bad for laughing at.

“Not Another Teen Movie” takes it’s main plot from another teen favorite “She’s All That”, which takes its plot from another teen favorite “My Fair Lady”, which takes its plot from yet another teen favorite ‘Pygmalion”. Popular Jock makes a bet with his friends that he can take an “ugly girl” Janey Briggs and turn her in to the class prom queen. Janey Briggs is played by Chyler Leigh, I watched 2 episodes of the dreadfully bad “That ’80s Show” partly because “Not Another Teen Movie” star Chyler Leigh was in it. Hello cute!

Anyway yeah a bunch of stuff from other “teen” movies happen and somehow again I laughed a bunch.

Ok so for my review I’ll take a note from “Not Another Teen Movie” and use a bunch of reviews online for my own review:

“Not Another Teen Movie” is a big, fat, juicy spitball lobbed, with mostly dead-on aim, at the teen-smarm clichés that have accumulated like so much earwax over the last three years. It’s stupid, it’s obvious, it’s scatological and violent — but it made me laugh and I’m giving it thumbs up, God help me. It’s clever satire that’s layered like a breakfast club sandwich with sly in-jokes, sight gags, gross-out scenes, and, of course, requisite bathroom humor. But more often than not you’ll be groaning from painful recognition rather than actually laughing. The makers of “Not Another Teen Movie” should be embarrassed that, in parodying “She’s All That”, they copied most of the plot and then made a movie that bogs down in the same places as the original. “Not Another Teen Movie” Plumbs new depths of offensiveness for its stomach-churning crudities, it’s a little like watching Christina Aguilera make fun of Britney Spears.

OH also when looking up “Not Another Teen Movie” I learned in production it was called the much better title “Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can’t Hardly Wait to Be Kissed”. AWESOME!

Things said during movie (not-review):

Oh no! This new place has SPIDERS!!”



  1. the best part is when that Lucas kid gets torn in half.

  2. i have only seen this movie in the only way to watch tbs movies-in bits and pieces-but one thing i do remember is the movie pointing out the ridiculousness of the slow clap over and over. just surprised Tim didn’t point this out but i guess that could have something to do with barely remembering anything about the movie…

    • what was the other movie that this was done in??

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