Current “Worst” IRBW movie

Currently the lowest honor of “I’d Rather Be Working” goes to…

Boat Trip (2002)

Boat Trip (2002)

The second movie to win this title thus far, beating out Jungle 2 Jungle.

Published on May 18, 2009 at 5:54 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. […] well before the movie had ended.  Today it didn’t stand a chance.  Though not the Worst Movie to date, definitely holds a special place in our hearts and one that helped spawn this site’s […]

  2. […] a budget.  Let’s all thank the lord that they never will.  Boat Trip now holds the crow as Worst Movie at beating out Jungle 2 Jungle.  Congrats!  Here’s a picture of Horatio Sans […]

  3. […] movies where it’s not worth watching (IRBW) yet it’s not even bad enough to put into the “Worst IRBW Movie category”, which in itself is depressing.  I’m feeling outshined by Tim’s reviews lately.  And […]

  4. […] Temptations… sure.  Starring Beyonce and one of the stars of IRBW’s current “Worst” movie.  I’ve seen bits of this on TBS before and I’m glad that I didn’t […]

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