The Pallbearer

Pallbearer (1996)

Pallbearer (1996)

Sam – The biography from 1996 that showcases the life and death of one of the WWE’s creepiest managers, the Pallbearer (Percy Pringle) played by David Schwimmer.  David does an amazing performance as the Pallbearer and is one of the very few actors that have made me cry during a movie.  His final line on his deathbed after being bodyslammed by The Ultimate Warrior (played by Michael Rapaport) and being cradled in the arms of his clientele, The Undertaker (played by Gwenth Paltrow) brought me to tears instantly. “Bring me… a… sandwich...”  The kicker? I was eating a sandwich at the time!  A soggy sandwich after that line though.  I give The Pallbearer two bodyslams.

Tim – THE PALLBEARER is the EuroSleaze sickie that has it all: Drooling insanity, relentless nudity, the living dead, voluptuous nuns, one very unfortunate chicken and more. In his first and only movie role opposite Gwyneth Paltrow, David Schwimmer stars as a tasty teen who becomes possessed by the kinky spirit of his dead friend and triggers a family frenzy of sexual corruption. Deep within the dungeon of the depraved, who will surrender to the ultimate acts of perversion? Beware the promise of profane seduction. Behold the unspeakable hungers of THE PALLBEARER!!

Josh – N/A

Things said during movie (not-review):

“Fucker doesn’t even drink.”

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